Qriosity Quiz III



Quiz – III

Theme: Formula One

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Please mention your full name and class on the question paper.

• There are 20 questions in this quiz and you have 20 minutes to answer them.

We appreciate guesswork, so there is no negative marking.



Q 1) Who won the first official Formula One Championship in 1950 ?

Q 2) Which is the only team competing till today from the time F1 made its debut in 1950 ?

Q 3) Which company overtook from Bridgestone to become the current sole tyre supplier in Formula One after winning the exclusive contract for Formula 1 for three years ?

Q 4) Who is the only driver in Formula One history to finish in the top three in every race of a season ?

Q 5) Where was the first ever Formula One World Champion race held ?

Q 6) DRS is a device introduced in the 2011 Formula One season which aimed at reducing aerodynamic drag in order to promote overtaking in the sport. What does DRS stand for ?

Q 7) Where will the 18th and penultimate race of the 2011 Formula One season, which is to take place on 13 November 2011be held ?

Q 8) What is the stipulated speed limit during all free practice sessions ?

Q 9) Made from existing roads, this race circuit has many elevation shifts, tight corners, a tunnel, a curve by a casino and a swimming pool. These features make it perhaps the most demanding as well as the most popular venue for F1. Name the famous race circuit.

Q 10) Who is the president and CEO of Formula One Management?

Q 11) What does the black flag mean during a F1 race ?

Q 12) The 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, held at the Marina Bay Street Circuit became the first ever Formula One race to achieve which feat ?

Q 13) How many World Championships has Michael Schumacher won ?

Q 14) For which Formula One team does Narain Karthikeyan drive in the current 2011 season ?

Q 15) Into how many parts is the pit lane of a F1 circuit divided for safety purposes ?

Q 16) Which team was bought by Dr. Vijay Mallya in a consortium held in October 2007 and was later renamed ‘Force India’ for the 2008 season ?

Q 17) Which Formula One World Champion died on May 1, 1994 as a result of his car crashing into a concrete barrier at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix ?

Q 18) According to the ‘2012 F1 calendar’ where will be the first Grand Prix held ?

Q 19) After winning  two championships in 1975 and 1977 he got bored and left the sport, only to return again and win another in 1984. During his remarkable career he was called both a hero and a villain. Name the Austrian F1 legend.

Q 20) Name this Spanish Formula One racing driver and a two-time World Champion.

Paper created by: Vipul Sharma and Manupal Singh (XI – G)

© Qriosity


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